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 Discount U.S. & International Long Distance Plans

Business Long Distance Services - Outstanding U.S. and international rates!

Our U.S. and international long distance rates are among the lowest in the industry. No matter where you call or how often you call, we have a business long distance plan to meet your needs! Try our best long distance rate comparison tool for a FAST and very EASY detailed rate analysis of our long distance plans! You'll be able to quickly see which of our long distance plans will best meet your calling needs!

AWP Business Long Distance Rate Calculator
First 6 Digits of Your US Phone Number:
Domestic Calls:
State-to-State Minutes Per Month: (including toll free inbound)
In-State Minutes Per Month: (including toll free inbound)
Number of Outbound Lines
Number of Toll Free Lines
International calls:
Calls To: minutes
Calls To: minutes
Calls To: minutes

Dedicated T1 (DS-1) Service

Does your business have over $750.00 in monthly phone expenses or 8 or more phone lines? Do you need highly reliable dedicated internet service and data transmission? Getting dedicated T1 service (or other dedicated service) may very well allow you to enjoy substantial savings!

Get an instant real time T1 line rate quote! Our Shop for T1 Online price comparison service compares the best dedicated service providers throughout the USA. We will help you to get the highest quality T1 voice and/or data service at the lowest possible cost. Once you see how good our rates are, you can easily arrange to have one of our T1 expert representatives contact you to help answer any questions you may have about T1 services in general or about our T1 services in particular. And we don't just offer T1 service!

Shop For T1 Online - Click Here!

Click Here for an instant T1 line price quote!

Q. Who should consider using a dedicated phone line for voice or data services?
A. A few examples of businesses that can benefit from dedicated phone and/or data services are:

Call centers
Automobile dealerships
Hotels, motels and other resorts
Government agencies
Doctor and dentist offices
Insurance companies
Construction firms, developers and contractors
Real estate and property management firms
Restaurant chains
Financial institutions
Manufacturing firms
Trucking firms
Package courier services
Architectural firms

Q. What are some examples of the dedicated services you offer?
A. Our dedicated service offerings* include all of the following:

Business DSL Service
T1/DS-1 Voice Service
T1/DS-1 Data Service
Fractional T1 Service
Multiple T1 Service
DS-3 Service
Fractional DS3 Service
Dedicated OC3 Service
Dedicated OC12 Service
Dedicated OC48 Service
Frame Relay Service
Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
Point to Point
Server Colocation
Managed Hosting

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