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 Discount U.S. & International Long Distance Plans

Switched Long Distance Services - Rock-bottom U.S. and international rates!

Our U.S. and international long distance rates are among the lowest in the industry. No matter where you call or how often you call, we have a calling plan to meet your needs! Try our best long distance rate comparison tool for a FAST and very EASY detailed rate analysis of our long distance plans! You'll be able to quickly see which of our long distance plans will best meet your calling needs!

Do you have broadband internet service? If you do, you'll also be interested in our new broadband phone service!

Do you make most of your international calls to just a few specific countries? If yes, you'll want to be sure to check out our Call the World Plans which offer special rates to many of countries in different regions of the world!

U.S. & International Long Distance Rate Calculator
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Domestic calls:
State-to-State-Minutes Per Month:
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International calls:
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All World Phone (AWP) Long Distance Plans

We are proud to offer a great selection of outstanding U.S. and international long distance plans offered in conjunction with AllWorldPhone.com.

PNG Long Distance Service

PowerNetGlobal Long Distance Service — Only 3.9¢ per minute to Canada!
PNG offers three outstanding long distance plans with rates for U.S. state-to-state calls as low as 3.9¢ per minute. Outstanding international rates and low instate rates. Sign up online or over the phone! Calling card with the same low international rates also available with all PNG plans! Sign up today and get 100 FREE MINUTES!

Pioneer Telephone

Pioneer Telephone — Long Distance for as little as 2.7¢ per minute!
Traditional long distance with old fashion customer service. No hidden surprises... just a simple, straight-forward and honest company. With Pioneer, you get a choice of U.S. long distance rate plans that cost as little as 2.7¢ per minute. Calls to other Pioneer Telephone customers are only 1.9¢ per minute. Pioneer has not raised its domestic U.S. rates since 1989!

OPEX Communications Long Distance

OPEX Communications Long Distance Service — Only 2.95¢ per minute!
Designed for business or residential customers who make the majority of their calls within their home state and features rock-bottom instate rates. Just 2.95 cents per minute for state-to-state calls (the rate may be higher in tier-B and tier-C areas). Great international rates. Online call details and account management.

Covista Long Distance

Covista Long Distance Service
Outstanding (USA-48 origination) service, featuring low intrastate and 3.9¢ interstate rates with 6-second billing increments. No monthly billing fee if you sign up for AUTOPAY billing option or if your bill is over $20.00 each month. (NOTE: $1.99 billing fee is charged when your bill is under $20.00 for all non-Autopay customers.).

Unitel Long Distance

Unitel Long Distance — Only 2.7¢ per minute!
Unitel Long Distance offers businesses and residents outstanding USA-48 origination service and features low intrastate and 2.7¢ interstate rates. Six second billing - 18 second minimum. Online signup. Direct billed via U.S. mail. Inbound toll-free service is available for residential and business users.

Acceris Residential Long Distance Plans

Choose from an outstanding selection of money-saving international calling plans from Acceris Communications. All Acceris long distance plans are available to residents of Hawaii!

Acceris USA Free 30 Plan
Acceris USA FREE 30 Long Distance Plan- Choose the USA FREE 30 plan and receive 30 free minutes each month for state-to-state calls within the U.S. and to Canada. Competitive rates to international destinations round out this plan.
Acceris USA Unlimited Long Distance Plan
Acceris USA Unlimited Long Distance Plan - Unlimited state-to-state long distance calling within the U.S. and to Canada for just $19.95 a month. Intrastate calls within California are also unlimited. Low international rates.
Special "regionalized" international long distance rate plans!
"Call The World" Long Distance Plans - The Acceris "Call The World" presubscribed long distance plans have been customized for those who make international calls on a regular basis to specific regions of the world.

Choose from 4 customized plans:
Call Asia Long Distance Plan, Call Middle East Long Distance Plan, Call Europe Long Distance Plan and Call Americas and Caribbean Long Distance Plan.

Packet8 Broadband Internet Phone Service

If you have a broadband internet connection, you can use Packet8 phone service to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world! Unlimited calling to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers (and to other Packet8 subscribers worldwide) for just $19.95 a month! Unlimited packages to Western Europe & Asia are also available!

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