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 Discount U.S. & International Long Distance Plans

Prepaid Calling Cards (USA billing addresses only!)
Click4Prepaid Calling Card Click4Prepaid Rechargeable Calling Card
Click4Prepaid calling cards feature some of the lowest international rates in the industry and, unlike with most prepaid calling cards, your purchased talk time is good for one full year. With Click4Prepaid's convenient new PIN Free Direct Access feature, you can make calls from up to four different telephone numbers without having to enter your PIN number! Additionally, Click4Prepaid phone cards can be quickly recharged online at any time and whenever you recharge your card, your one-year expiration date is reset.
Prepaid Calling Cards (USA or Canada billing address required!)
Tel3Advantage Prepaid Long Distance Card Tel3Advantage Prepaid Long Distance Card — Get up to 473 FREE minutes when you sign up!
Featuring a low U.S. domestic rate of 1.9¢ (Local Access) 2.9¢ (Toll-Free Access) and outstanding international rates, Tel3Advantage combines the best of all worlds by giving you the quality of your traditional phone service with the cheap rates of a prepaid phone card. Unlike most phone cards, Tel3Advantage has no hidden fees or falsely advertised rates. Choose the Automatic Recharge Option on sign up and, your account will automatically recharge when your balance reaches $3.00. (If you ever want to turn Auto Recharge "OFF" you may do this instantaneously through your Customer Account Login.) Register up to 10 phone numbers as "instant access numbers" for PIN Free Dialing and you can avoid having to enter your PIN or account number when making your calls! If you have multiple users in your household or workplace you can create multiple sub-accounts all under the same plan; providing each individual with the ability to monitor their own account with an individualized PIN from one central account.
Prepaid Calling Cards (Available to residents of 32 different countries via PayPal. USA-based credit cards also accepted.)
Pingo Calling Card Pingo Rechargeable Calling Card
In addition to low per minute U.S. and international calling rates, Pingo offers many convenient features like Auto-Recharge and PINpass PIN Free Dialing. With Pingo Auto-Recharge, you never run out of minutes. Choose your recharge amount and Pingo will refill your account automatically whenever your balance drops to $5.00. (You can cancel the auto-recharge feature at anytime from the Pingo member's area.) Pingo's PINpass feature lets you enter up to 10 personal PINpass phone numbers - your home phone, office phone, mobile phone - whatever phones you frequently use. When you dial the Pingo toll-free access number from these PINpass numbers, Pingo will recognize you, and you will not be required to enter a PIN to make a call. Pingo also provides easy online access to your call history and billing history.

Pingo now accepts PayPal!  By offering access numbers in 35 countries Pingo has provided its USA-based customers convenient savings on international prepaid phone calls even when traveling overseas. Now, consumers residing in 31 of those countries (including Canada, China, Japan, Mexico, and all of Western Europe) can take advantage of the same convenience and cost savings as Pingo's U.S. customers by purchasing Pingo prepaid calling cards directly using PayPal.
Prepaid Calling Cards (Billing address can be almost anywhere in the world!)
Cloncom Calling Cards Cloncom International Calling Cards
Offers an excellent selection calling cards (featuring some of the lowest rates in the market) to call from and to virtually any country in the world. Rechargeable cards with optional automatic recharging are also available at this site. Looking for a refill card for your prepaid cell phone? Cloncom offers instant wireless refill cards!
Prepaid Card Search Calling Cards Prepaid Card Search International Calling Cards
Prepaidcardsearch.com offers global prepaid cards with low U.S. rates and outstanding international rates from quality providers like AT&T. Many of the calling cards, such as the Jupiter Rechargeable Calling Card, have no connection charges, no maintenance fees, and PIN free access!
Do you live outside of the USA or need to travel outside of the USA? You will want to look into the benefits of using the international callback service offered by UWTCallbackService.com. You can also make it easier for people to reach you by getting your own forwardable toll-free number from UWT.
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