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Internet Service Providers

  • EarthLink Internet Service
    Half price internet access from Earthlink
    Earthlink offers dial-up, DSL and cable internet access. EarthLink is ranked Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Dial-up ISPs and tied in the ranking for Highest Customer Satisfaction Among High-Speed ISPs according to J.D. Power and Associates.
  • Compare DSL Service Providers
    Get Instant DSL, Cable Internet & High Speed Cable ISP comparisons.
  • DSL
    Choose the best DSL, Cable or Broadband services available in your area. Buytelco is an open market place where customers compare and order broadband solutions for their home or small business.
  • DSL Provider - Cheap dsl service providers
    Your source for high speed dsl internet access.
  • DSL Service Providers
    DSL, Cable, And Satellite.
  • Dsl new york
    Dsl new york and Dedicated Network Solutions LLC is privately-owned ISP providing technical services to local businesses and managed/co-located servers. Outsourced email hosting and best broadband service is available at DNS-LLC.com.

Web Hosting

  • Dreamhost Web Hosting
    This is the web hosting service we use here at DialingPlans.com. We have been a customer of Dreamhost for over four years and been very satisified with this service.

Website Design & Webmaster Tools

  • Web Design Reference Guides
    Color, HTML, CSS, special characters, etc. Posters, charts, laminated cards, mouse pads. Free online: color scheme lab, color-wheel swatch libraries, color tables, character references.

Domain Name Registration Services

  • Private Domain Name Registration
    Pay less for domain names. Register your .com, .net and .org domains for $8.79/yr. Bulk pricing and private domain name registration options. Transfer domain names for $7.95. Web hosting and email accounts available.
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